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The sense of the Men’s fight that once again engaged against the imperialist system maintained by a decadent minority is no longer so much ethnic or even racial. It targets the economic sovereignty of peoples who are culturally degraded and who have resources exploited by external third parties with no local benefits. Whether in Quebec or in the monetary zones of Francophone Africa, an awakening of Consciences seems important to correct the attitude of complacency that animates the residents of these two spaces in regard of the abuses and manipulation exercised in against them since their respective experiences “of a time of counters”. Trade links and migratory flows between these peers sharing the same ideal of freedom call for better intercultural exchanges to promote both economic integration through decent employment and economic growth through real competence to serve as leverage for the advantageous possession of natural resources. It may seem paradoxical to prescribe but the youth of Kama, her Diaspora and her supporting Friends, Ethnics, as the elected People of Endeavour, must liberate (through Lean) its intention to produce (by Agility) any action to deserve the economic power opening up to income adequacy and the exercise of the traditional socioeconomic role. The strategic effort must be focused on twinning diasporas with popular layers to create an alternative and concurrent investment force, and on openness to a philosophy of Realism based on taking advantage of the propensity for religiosity of ethnic identities, applied to the economy in order to target, respectively, financial security (community solidarity) and trust in God. The economic rebirth implies the commitment to the Frequentation to allow the circulation of the monetary flows (Energy) and of information (Sentiment). God, is with us again and the search for a source of pride and the transmission of heritage must be done instead of the desire for confrontation (and not a spirit of affirmation) and restoration of the past (and not the reappropriation of the Future). It is at this price that the People of Endeavor, federated, will overcome the great anguish of our era: stress (fear related to the unknown of life after the mental and commercial freedom from Manipulation and Ordinance*) .

* respectively poison of soul and body.

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