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A psychosis sometimes starts with a dream or a nightmare that you keep living after your open your eyes. You are doing strange association with what you see and hear and you are fed with the circumstances, symbolic materials or emotions that led to create this active oneiric journey. The latter will stop most of the times, in our days, when someone will see the inadequacy or dysfunction of your Attitude and call for help. If you are alone, at some point, you will beg to get rid of your state and ask also for help. Whatever you do to deal with the situation, the long healing process will mostly imply some sacrifices (friend, partners, job) to start over again your life.

The intensity of these daydreams was the source of spiritual experiences for many Master and mystics who knew how to take advantage of these state to be in contact with other dimensions and go back to normal using natural resource. Today Science is more privileging the occultation of this faculty of mankind by the general using of drug instead of a soft and holistic support.

This said, I do believe that the increase in the occurrence of bipolar disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder etc. in the population is a sign that our body is being run out of its natural prescribed conditions: Courage. Those conditions are bound with the evolution of the life on Earth and in this era the enemy is: stress. Stress is the contemporary expression of the secular fear challenge that mankind has to overcome. It’s targeting the control center of our body, the brain, and unbalance Energy and Consciousness. That needs to be fixed individually with our human potential (a soul is not imposed as duty more than the extent of its ability): no fear = no stress.

What’s in it for us?

As professionals and entrepreneurs, we are called to more performance every day, to get out of our comfort zone and, more often, work under pressure and tight deadlines. The System in which we live make the apology of sources of stress in order to gain in efficiency and growth. The Economy has become the mean of classification for civilizations (after political ideology, Military power, territory ownership etc.) and we are all striving for our business banner. In spite of that, we need to avoid feeding each competing System with our precious life but foster the Attitude that lead to personal and community achievement. The mistake here is in the excessive reliance on Time (the idol) without Providence (The Source).

So, stay true to yourself even if you are in an empowering process for more leadership, know your limits even if you get out of your comfort zone, listen to your heart because you might not need all the fame that attract most people in this rat race of “Image” culture (consuming gadget, app, social networks etc.). As for the body do respect your natural rhythm: eat, sleep, exercise, love and have faith. As for me, I do think it’s time to have better entrepreneurs, as new archetype, not only skilled in money making but also as human being aware of the condition of the planet, the people living on it and the duty of believing in the Same God revealed in different Lords. I’m a bip*.



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