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Let us dare to be realistic. The union between African, or beyond, among black people is unlikely to be the result of a consensus or a common declaration. It makes more sense to seek our spiritual deliverance and liberation by the opposition and then the imposition of the highest standards of rules from the elected subject to the role of vassal to stay polite. The European Union was built under the leadership of a troika of members which is strong economically (and sometimes military) which defined the rules are adhered weakest and most in demand in a win-win exchange with more investment on the land vs. more economic clout. On a larger scale, the members of the Security Council or G20 federate (or if you prefer oppressed) the land around their sacrosanct values like democracy, secularism, gender ratio, good governance etc.

While discussing democracy, for how much longer will we endure in this way in most African countries? In many cases, the people vote for a change that is not done and the international community ignores the demands for justice of the people who reclaim softly the respect for institutions and wait patiently to checkout and take over the wealth from the natural resources. Again, I think the world is evolving in the profiles of leaders who must not only be representative of the people (the usual “democracy”) but also the condition of the cosmic forces of the universe (the too neglected “theocracy”). We are witnessing in this era to a fair uninitiated who lead without being enlightened and incite their citizens to further degrade their karma if not those leaders use violence against them.

If we go back to our history as great African subsets of western, central and southern (to name a few) are the result of the imposition of the force of a powerful regent by average contemporary mediation (the army, commerce, speech, gold etc.). So, in the past, sovereigns like Sundiata Keita, El Hadj Omar Tall, or even Shaka have built great empires by creating smaller allegiance. We are also discussing radiating empires of Ghana, Mali, Songhai, Monomotapa, Toucouleur, the Kingdom of Abomey, the kingdom of Ife etc. This phenomenon of unification by force is present from ancient Egypt which is one of the first known and flourishing civilizations. One of the first rulers, Pharaoh Nimrod has a name whose meaning could be “rebel” or “one who has tamed “the tiger” and could put us on the path of emancipation by force to face too much oppression (without coming back to his decline due to pride as in many cases).

In our era, the economy is the mediated means by excellence and my vision is that the most powerful economies in Africa could lead the rest of the continent in their wake of being commanding and imposing their best practices for their economic culture to others who are behind. It is unnecessary to see in it iniquity, interference or sovereignty violation. This comes more from our many predators, not as much anymore, who, with a veil, seek to realize their economic gains.

We had an embryo model, I describe with the major investments made by Libya, whose leader ended up with a vision for the continent but was eliminated by those who defend their interest, ideology, economy and geopolitical influence.  One can easily imagine that the eternal and sweet France who, without the resources of these former colonies (the word former for the colonies being only for the form) would be a Gallic village certainly brave and druidic knowledge but surrounded by true legions camps that have learned not to depend on anyone for the GDP (Gross Domestic Product). It is not enough then to simply eat boar leg (the “boring leg” in the shameful currency twin XOF and XAF) or protect the formula of the potion that is none other than diplomatic influence and silent mafia of a minority oppressing the weak in their own country.

That said and to restate my claim that the African Union should be led by the most advanced country in their domain so they can have an geopolitical influence on their regional and pan-African decision i.e. the case of the implantation of Dangote in Senegal. We can already congratulate ourselves for the pursuit of the regional integration that continues (UEMOA, ECOWAS, CEMAC, COMESA etc) but unfortunately in practice these institutions reproduce the pitfalls of the administrations of former colonizers who have been suggested their creation. Inertia or ignorance against weakness of those giving their contribution to the reclaiming of our economic power.

So to avoid being too long, I’m going to give an indecent proposal as an ending. Here it is: and if we retake the weapons? Yes, the way we have always done. The days of our ancestors that we sing so well our national anthems. These proud warriors who knew how to give their lives for their kingdom. Without listening to the waswas of Jinns and perverts Men who would invite us to waste our time in useless discussions where the weak minded would abort months of negotiations by his willingness to accept false guarantees, trinkets disguised as corruption from those who want to maintain a certain control over the supply of resources from our soil. This war is necessary because we slept too much thinking that we would live for eternity without much effort. To reproduce the same powerless gestures but only done through rote (“the emergence“ you knew several years ago?) to obtain different results that conforms to the illusionists. This war is economic inter and intra state that will be fought for the imposition of an African economic model that will represent the strongest trend generally accepted and recognized by all and be sustainable. A Leadership race for a model that is adapted to the environment that is constantly evolving but where our wisdom gives us to observe the cycles of nature (no offense to those who have cut their intimate roots). Too often, we celebrated our diversity, our multiculturalism even if it is a fact. However, for strategic reasons, it is good to set common models that represent us without destroying our internal cultural richness. For example, would you be willing to wear and promote the merits of a dashiki to another culture without being from West Africa while preserving your own traditional clothing style that has not yet imposed for the moment as a global trend?

My entrepreneur friends; warriors from this contemporary Light, displaced economic manpower  which wanted to create an sufficient income in the job market, it’s time to take your marketing weapons, sharpen your branding, rethink your business strategy and especially to choose your camp because before the management strategies, it is the soul that one must unite to fight and to know whether or not we are doing it for the right reasons: to claim more terrestrial goods or to return to Zion, the heavenly . Mankind always grows out of the (natural) competition. This is the condition that it continues. Leaving the less able to adapt disappear and the more seasoned to transmit life for a new cycle with their own laws. And this, until the Hour that we know that everyone is invited to consider.

“For this Time, the war shall be one for Men”

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