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Course 5: Promote a Community Oriented Business Project (Selling).


  • Awareness of a intercultural business project context, Intention and Vision
  • Understand what is the Community Economy
  • Become familiar with the Ka Method project structure to be active quickly
  • Discover and apply the 4 foundations of Web Based Intercultural Business projects
  • Introduction to a simple Attitude to produce Quality and be competitive with respect to Time.

Content elements

  • Become aware of the challenges of Web Based Intercultural Business projects
  • The notion of Identity
  • What is the Community Economy: definition, role, vision and utility
  • The importance of self definition and to provide utility to the community
  • Discover the key concepts of the Ka Method
  • Align your Space (State), Nature, Project and Philosophy
  • The steps and the 4 fundamentals of the Ka Method
  • Attitude, Quality, Realism and Time Performance guided by Finance
  • Presentation of Project Strategy, Promotion/Prospection and Personal Efforts for communities
  • Directions for complementary learning and Future developments.
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