Course 4: Settle your economic enterprise through the informal way.


  • Get introduced to the informal way.
  • Awaken and strengthen your skills in informal entrepreneurship.
  • Learn how to write business plans for informal entrepreneurship.
  • Learn how to take advantage of an informal coaching.
  • Acquire Knowledge of resource optimization and performance to be more successful and sustainable.t.

Content elements

  • What is the informal way: definition, role, vision and usefulness.
  • Informal project issues and how to manage them successfully.
  • Create informal business for better income sufficiency.
  • Introduction to the structuring process and the basics.
  • Knowledge of how to write a business plan in an informal setting.
  • Learn a relevant presentation plan for a enterprise project.
  • Knowing how to get the support for informal project.
  • How to request a quality informal coaching.
  • Knowing the tools to implement to adapt to the market.
  • Discover settings to be a more efficient enterprise.
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