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Course 1: Business in the Box


  • Understand what ethnic entrepreneurship is
  • To structure your project in order to start on the right foot and earn market ground.
  • Acquire a simple but effective approach to structure your project in 40 hours.
  • Acquire the tools to get a business started quickly with few resources.
  • Search for relevant resources to develop your project.

Content elements

  • What is an ethnic business: definition, role, vision and usefulness.
  • Ethnic project issues and how to manage them successfully.
  • Research needed on the project.
  • Learn how to position yourself as best as possible.
  • Make an inventory of the financial and logistical needs in order to start.
  • Proposal of a simple but effective approach to structure your project in 40 hours.
  • Your project plan including your strategy, your position, your marketing plan and your revenue targets
  • Create internal tools for managing your business.
  • Create external tools for promoting your business.
  • Test
  • How to promote the interests of your community and its network to find the financial and strategic support

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