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The Message and my actions are directed at peers economic actors and community leaders that have potential influence on Diasporas and local population of the mother land to build the levers of economic and identity reclaiming.

“Making informal economy a quality alternative to the liberal system”

Friendship Love

Friendship Love is a true Love feeling that two Friends can share. It's like being in a relationship with all the commitment and maybe the butterflies and tenderness but not having an official status of mate. The partnership can take the frame of being involved...

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A Shared Vision Partnership (SVP) allows the sharing of the resources of different Economic Actors or Community Leaders for the financing and management of common causes implementation in terms of socioeconomic (re)construction initiatives and projects by Efforts...

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The concept of Gonzo was developed by Hunter S. Thompson and applied to journalism including with the characteristic of first-person writing and subjectivity. It would also mean in Italian "silly, credulous, fooled". It is also to this day a style of pornography, a...

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Community economy

A community is a group of individuals who share a particular mode of communication and relationship around a cultural, economic or social attribute that identifies them or even in which they identify themselves. The community economy proposes to give communities tools...

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Time disorder

A psychosis sometimes starts with a dream or a nightmare that you keep living after your open your eyes. You are doing strange association with what you see and hear and you are fed with the circumstances, symbolic materials or emotions that led to create this active...

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