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Those looking for alternatives to starting a business can now rejoice. On June 11, Arnaud Segla, consultant in project management and business engineering, has made available a practical guide Business in the Box and its French version “Une entreprise ethnique en 40 heures” on the website

Ethnic entrepreneurship is an immigration related phenomenon that exists in Quebec as well as in big cities in industrialized countries. Until now, many studies were done on entrepreneurship by and for ethnic communities, but there was no guide yet, in Canada, that offers teaching methods promoting entrepreneur initiative.

“I wish to trigger some change in the communities that will give the opportunity for ethnic entrepreneurship to be implemented through the diasporas. I want entrepreneurs to learn some business concepts and take advantage of the cultural wealth they bring to Quebec and the world’s economies.” says the author.

This guide gives an easy access to anyone who wants to start a business without having to write a challenging, and at times demotivating, traditional business plan. With a calculator, a pencil and a notebook, we are able to offer a service or product to the community!

In Business in the box Arnaud Segla favors a pragmatic approach to demystify the various stages of business creation using simple tools. He adapted the theory and the content to the realities of the informal sector, allowing ethnic entrepreneurs to better understand the challenges they face and provide them with easily adaptable solutions. In addition, the non-technical language makes it a reference book easy to read and accessible to all.

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