Arnaud Segla - Author - The Lean IntentionMy name is Arnaud Segla and I am Consultant, Author and Certified Advisor fostering social, ethnic, informal and numeric entrepreneurship projects. I organize and lead learning activities and supports many entrepreneurs in achieving the objectives of their business project.Author and individuals committed to the promotion of cultural and traditional heritage, I decided to help entrepreneurs start and grow their business while maintaining and affirming their membership to a community identity that balances their being and their expertise.

My goal is to share my knowledge of projects management, economic development and ethnic and informal identity to help put in perspective the daily actions of entrepreneurs. By inviting the ethnic structures in general and Black in particular to a better performance and quality of products and services, I want to lead to the definition of strategies, tactics and projects that will make such enterprises more competitive in creating wealth and value that originate from our way of life: Spirit of Kama (Time and Providence).

Based on tradition and popular wisdom, my social engagement relays a moderation message about our relationship to the Earth and Men: “Every man is important in God’s eyes.” So this exhortation to the generations to preserve the human heritage through correcting our attitudes to rebuild legitimate sources of pride and live one more faith: Simplicity. gives me the opportunity to spread my books on economic and sustainable development and ethnic communities identity which are the three poles of my editorial line and lifetime project.

“Making informal economy a quality alternative to the liberal system”

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